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This post will be about a nice idea how to get to see the surge of photos we all create with our cellphones in our daily digital life and with out digital cameras during our vacations.

After realizing that over 130.000 pictures were sitting on my Synology with a lot of fun moments, some really felicitous snapshots, beautiful memories from great times with friends & family and wonderful impressions from our many vacations, but never really being looked at (except when my wife took the time and went the extra mile to create a photo album using one of these print services – but even then the album was maybe looked at once or twice and then got to settle dust with the other albums), I felt that something had to be done about that.

We were in the process of getting a new kitchen and I took that occasion to change some of the stuff we had become used to over the past.

My first idea was to use a flat touchscreen display instead of a regular glas wallprotection behind the stove top. So to kill two birds with one stone by protecting the wall with an easily cleanable front and be able to display recipes, watch YouTube cooking tips or a slideshow of vacation pictures while cooking and stirring the pots and pans.

To my surprise the problem surfaced that there were no displays available that were big enough to cover the entire area behind the stove top (90 cm ≈ 3 feet). And all displays offering touch were a lot thicker than I had expected. To my additional surprise, extra thin displays seemed to have come out of fashion in general, which required me to look for older models from 3 years or more ago. So I had to bury that idea after talking to some friends about it who – again to my surprise – had also had similar ideas when re-doing their kitchens, but also failed to find a suitable device fulfilling those requirements. On the one hand I was happy that my google skills were still intact, on the other I was a bit disappointed that in the year 2020 there is still no technology available to offer touchscreens with a diagonal size of 40″ to 42″ not much thicker than a glas pane which can be glued to the wall.

So I gave up this neat plan and decided to go for a screen somewhere else in the kitchen, to have more options. Again finding something in a fitting size started to become an issue, because since 4k screens have become the latest fashion, the smallest screen size now starts at 47″ or for some models even at 55″. Finding a Smart TV based on Android (I’ll explain later why) with a screen size of 32″ didn’t leave me with many choices and I eventually settled for the Philips Ambilight 32PFS6402.

Sorry, this article is still a work in progress

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