I am an IT-Enthusiast, tinkerer and entrepreneur with an eye for details and have worked with and on computers for over 30 years. And despite the ever changing technology and amazing technological progress in this time period, I've seen some insights to become timeless truths.

I maintain this blog, because I want other people, who are looking for a solution, to save time and money by sharing my insights & learnings I am continuously acquiring in my daily life.

Bow Lake
Bow Lake, Canada

You probably know the drill. You want to buy a new appliance for the household or device for storing your data or a gadget for your next vacation. Or just simply a new TV. And the times where you merely buy the next best thing and get good value for your money are definitely over. So you need to make yourself familiar with the details, intricacies and minutiae of the different options. Which costs a lot of time.

And what sometimes looked like a great idea or choice on paper turns out to be a bad idea or big disappointment in reality. Or you made the right choice for all criteria you had included in your research, but overlooked one crucial aspect or feature that renders the entire device useless for your purposes.

Wouldn’t it be great to benefit from the experience of other people? To know which traps and pitfalls to avoid in advance.

You might ask yourself now: isn’t that what reviews are for?
Right! But sometimes the product is too new or hasn’t gotten useful reviews yet. Or the reviewers just wrote one-liners like “Great product. Highly recommended!” Or nobody used the product for the same special purpose you intend to use it.

So maybe while trying your luck on Google you end up on my site. Then I am happy to have potentially saved you some time by profiting from my learning curve or given you ideas you hadn’t thought of before to make a better decision for yourself. Like I did so many times when searching for a solution and eventually stumbling over the right post in a forum, a helpful blog site or some other piece of crucial information kindly shared by someone with the world. This is my way of giving back and paying forward the favors I have gratefully received.

One caveat though: whatever is written on my blog posts or other pages is just my personal opinion based on my personal experience. You might have completely different needs or criteria for your decisions. And that is perfectly fine. So when I say “this product is unusable”, I most likely mean “for my purposes”. And you might love the exact same product and consider it your best purchase in the last years.

In any case you’re always welcome to share your opinion in the comments, but please always keep it polite and factual.
Thank you and enjoy.