Backing up your Synology

Insights/ September 19, 2020/ General/ 0 comments

So after I had decided which NAS system I should buy and which type of hard drives should be running inside the NAS, I wanted to make sure to have a solid backup of all my data. Even in the worst case of a huge disaster destroying my entire system without any hope of recovery (i.e. lightning strike, flooding, inadvertent

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Seagate vs. Western Digital

Insights/ September 17, 2020/ General, Techstuff/ 1 comments

So after you have decided which NAS to buy, you’re faced with the next tough decision. Which brand of hard drives should you buy? And which size should the drives have? I hope this article will help you to make a better decision. First of all both brands are great manufacturers and through my >20 years in IT I have

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Choosing the right NAS – Synology vs. QNAP

Insights/ September 16, 2020/ General, Techstuff/ 1 comments

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is basically a computer with a few diskdrives to be put somewhere in your house and has become so cheap and easy to use that I personally highly recommend considering to store all your personal data on a personal NAS. The advantages are All your data stored in one central place instead of USB sticks, external

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Hello my curious reader!

Insights/ September 15, 2020/ General/ 1 comments

This is my first blog entry. It’s more to play around and have some first content for the nav menues than containing anything important. Although creating this blog was again a steep learning curve and thus fits the purpose of this blog perfectly. Having used WordPress on various occasions, I was so naíve to think that using the official WordPress

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