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This is my first blog entry. It’s more to play around and have some first content for the nav menues than containing anything important.

Although creating this blog was again a steep learning curve and thus fits the purpose of this blog perfectly.
Having used WordPress on various occasions, I was so naíve to think that using the official WordPress site with a subdomain would be sufficient for my purposes.

Boy, was I wrong. The functionality for the free hosting on WordPress.com provides you hardly any customization options. I tried to have my freshly created logo to appear on the top left corner. Which the available and for my ideas fitting themes didn’t allow. So I googled and all results required me to add some CSS code.

But of course adding your own CSS styles requires you to upgrade to a paid subscription. And those prices were way beyond what my reliable webhosting service asks for an additional domain. Which includes my own database and personal installation of WordPress with full customization options.

As a result, I quickly trashed my original project http://insightsandlearnings.wordpress.com and reserved this domain instead and started afresh.

Lesson learned: the times for using the free options for your blog are definitely over unless you don’t care at all about how the result looks and don’t mind being reminded to upgrade in nearly every menu and option.

Nonetheless, I am grateful to WordPress for providing such a large variety of options, a rich ecosystem of addons, themes and plugins and a semi easy-to-use interface to create your own websites.

I also liked the logo / brand generator recommended by WordPress to create your own logo. It’s called Looka and is really fun to play around with.

Depending on your willingness to pay you even get a plethora of graphic formats. Their interface is mostly intuitive and easy, but has a few quirks and bugs, which required me to use their customer support to delete a graphical element that couldn’t be removed through their GUI. But they responded within hours and solved the issue promptly. And that’s what counts IMHO.

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